Monday, February 14, 2011

born this way...

So a few weeks ago I blogged about Lady Gaga and her new song here...Finally after almost six months Born this Way was finally released!!!

Tell me what you think?

I think it sounds like a dance version of Madonna's Express Yourself...

It probably sounds like a few pop songs mushed into one really, it doesn't sound original, but the masses love it (including me)... it's gone to number #1 in 27 countries... in only two days!!

In other Gaga news... did you all see the egg that she arrived in at the Grammy's?

I love Gaga, but this was ridiculous... who do you think takes the all-time 'crazy' cake?

Friday, February 4, 2011

power of love...

While reading my news feed last night, (even with all the horrible things going on in Queensland and the Middle East)there was one story that stood out... "Couple married for 56 years die within one minute of each other".

True love, Donald and Rosemary Dix

Donald and Rosemary Dix had been married for 56 years when Donald had a heart attack at home, Rosemary called the ambulance and then their daughter. Donald died on his way to the hospital and Rosemary died at almost the exact same time at their home, her daughter found her by the phone with the receiver still in her hand...

Donald and Rosemary were inseparable during their 56 years of happy marriage, and in the end they just couldn't live more than a minute without each other. As morbid as it is for a Friday, I think there is something really warm and beautiful about it. To love.