Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hanging on the edge

So all these websites and magazines tell us how to make our weddings look amazing, but they never tell us just how muc it will cost. Being the first of many friends to get married I don't really have much to go off, prices go up every year so it's hard to get a good idea. So you can imagine my confused face when a recent quote came through for my flowers... I stared at the screen and asked; how much do they normally cost? Is this a good price? So I sent the quote to Mr TMF, which is invalid, he thinks anything that costs under $10,000 is "cheap"... Any brides or recently married girls that can shed some light? Anyways enough of the blabber, I have decided I really want a floral chandelier to sit over our bridal table. We're not doing the long table, but a rectangular one that sits in the middle of the venue. I first fell in love with the floral chandelier when I saw them at Donna Hay Magazine's 10th Birthday bash... The pic I have is terrible so, here are a few I have looked at for inspiration...
I like the all while feel of this one, not sure about how low it sits, it would stop you from seeing the people sitting across from you.
Splash! I love the colour in this but I dont like that it doesn't have much length on it.
Similar to the first one, but how amazing would this be on a high ceiling venue? Unfortunately the ceiling on ours is a little too low for this dramatic effect.
I really love this one, I love the use of ribbons and the colourful flowers... I suppose I could get a mixture of all of them to create my own design, I wouldn't want too much happening on the bridal table as I want the central focus on the chandelier... So, what's you wedding statement?

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I have hit a 'shoe-wall'... I really love shoes, I love browsing and buying all kinds of shoes, but if you look at my shoe collection, they are all so very safe... I promised myself that on my wedding day I would not be 'safe' shoes are fun... Your wedding day should be fun... So it goes without saying. I haven't even gone dress shopping (with 9 months to go... Ekk) but don't you worry I have been shoe shopping. I won't be going for that Carrie Bradshaw MB shoe, or even the 'something blue' category. I Want FUN, FUN FUN! I can't decide on which ones want... Maybe you can help?
First time saw these I was stalking Kate Spade's page for pretty rings... Then this disco ball popped up out of no where and yelled "pick me! Wear me!"... I'm a sucker! I love them, I shopped around trying to find a place to buy them in Sydney and then last night my gorgeous friend in NYC said she would send them over for me... I think I heard them dong a little dance, excited that they would have a home real soon ... But then... I found these... I posted two pairs in the same design, as I don't know which colour I love more... Both are Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. Yes I do like them more seeing as we share the same name...
I love the Red heart, so so so sweet...
These are cute and look more wedding-like... I asked the boy what he thought... He says "buy them all and alternate throughout the night"... Oh God I love him, and i want to say YES, but we will never have any money with that attitude (I can't believe I even said that-slap me!)... Is the boy allowed see the things I'm going to wear on the day? (other than the dress)... What shopping "wall" have you hit this week?