Sunday, September 25, 2011

No singing or dancing...

Today's a rainy Sunday. Normally I would be stomping around the house wishing the sun would come out, but for some reason today I am so happy I get to stay indoors and chillax for the day (something I have taken for granted).

I have an old school friend getting married today, I really hope the rain stops for a little while... Which gets me thinking, a year from now I will be getting married and with an indoor wedding I'm not too concerned about the weather. However you need to be prepared, plan B shoot locations? Umbrellas? fur stole? Cape?

I like some of these ideas to help save the day...

This is a cute see-through option, I love that you can see the raindrops on this.

What an adorable umbrella, maybe you could do this for the bride and groom? Cute.

A little different but very Victorian. I like.

This is so sweet, best thing is it's 100% waterproof (I think I'd like it in ivory more)
All umbrellas from Umbrella Heaven

I love the idea of having your photo's indoors regardless, you can get some awesome shots as you can play with the lighting. I'm thinking, at our favourite bar/pub and cafe. A beautiful friend of mine had hers at her Nonno's deli, the pics looked amazing.

What were/are your plan B's?

it's been a while...

Wow it really has been a while... I thought I was going to start this blog and blog religiously, clearly life has taken over. It's been an interesting and eventful few months but I'm back...

Some exciting news, Mr TMF asked my to be his wife a few weeks ago which means I'm a soon-to-be Mrs. I love all the beautiful wedding inspiration blogs and thought what harm is there to be another... so for the next year I'll also be blogging about all the wedding things that Tickle My Fancy. Keep reading.

Until next time...