Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I like most brides spent hours looking for my dress, I spent a fair bit of money purchasing "the dress" so when I say "I think I want to change into something else when we leave the reception" Mr TMF's jaw hits the floor.

What are your thoughts on changing dresses? I love the idea, my mum did it, all my aunties did it and I just think it's time to bring back the 70s/80s tradition. I have seen a lot of costume changes happening on various wedding blogs and it looks great. But, then a domino of issues arise... I have this amazing dress, that I will only wear ONCE (let's not mention the cost per wear) and there's only one time I'll be a bride so why not embrace it and keep the same dress on?

So I ignored my concerns and went researching for outfits here's some I love.
Cameo, from Johanna Johnson

Eliza, from Johanna Johnson

Ginger, from Johanna Johnson

But my favourite has to be this Elizabeth Filmore number
Isn't she perfect? Her name is Belle! I love the headdress too!

So, what are you thoughts? To change or not to change, that is the question!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time goes by

And we are two months away from the big day! Where did the time go? I actually don't even know what's been happening. The wedding has been under control - I think. Is it just me or is the only thing that is stressful about weddings are family? I've planned 1000s of events so this is just another, but my family (i.e. DAD) has never been involved in those, hence why they all go ahead smoothly... I mean, I know they (he) are (is) excited and the European in them (him) is worried that people will be upset if they aren't invited or if my fancy food will make them leave hungry. I can't even type without shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Other than that, all is well.

In terms of events, I dyed my hair brown to get ready for the wedding. I had expensive re-growth (balayage) previously and thought I should try go al'natural. People keep telling me it "suits me", um duh it's my natural colour...

I had my last birthday before I get married, the last birthday as Miss V... (ah changing my name - that's a topic for another blog post) We celebrated with my bestest friends and a magnum of Moet, delicious!

After hours of drinking we re-fuelled and had some pizza. The wedding diet is going swimmingly. (I'm starting body trim next week - does anyone have any feedback?) I'm feeling the pressure, people keep saying "you can't have that, you're getting married"...  I didn't realise everyone sees themselves as walking nutritionists these days.

The day after my birthday I was surprised with a lovely bunch of flowers from my client - made my hungover Monday all that more enjoyable.

And back to the daily grind I go. Until yesterday when none other than the ice-cream man with his ice-cream truck came around the corner. I heard it from my desk and was running around like a dog trying to catch my tail... I haven't heard or seen one in years. I came back to my desk with a delicious cone. Wedding diet still going amazingly.

My final dress measurements have been sent off (before the ice-cream) and I tried my dress on with my shoes and jewellery. I still love it -thankfully. I say "thankfully" because I have been having doubts about some of the decisions I made for the wedding early on in the piece, including some vendors... . Has this happened to any other brides? Or am I just an over thinker? The only thing stopping me from cancelling things is the 1000s of dollars in deposits...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Happy Tuesday! I'm sure it's too late for a weekend post, oh well, I'll just focus on my amazing Friday night!

Mr TMF surprised me with dinner at Quay to celebrate my graduation, so this might mean absolutely nothing some of you... but I have been wanting to have the Quay degustation for a VERY long time. It's one of those "once" in a lifetime places, and it definitely lived up to its expectations!

We started the evening we a few celebratory delights... I love Patron... It's by far the best thing since jager bombs.

I was going to return this dress as it was a little too short for my liking (some would be shocked to hear that, as I tend to wear clothing on the short side) but the return time expired and alas I had to keep it. It's from Zara and I really like it now. However, not sure when I will ever wear it again.

So Quay was amazing, we decided (for the both of us) to go with the 8 course degustation with matching wines. Why not? (lucky I wasn't paying) Yes, the food is something to talk about, but how could you forget to mention the view?? The view was amazing, the Maitre'D loved us so made sure we got to move around and experience every view. 

The menu was amazing, Mr TMF joked that he didn't know one ingredient on the menu, bless, normally a fussy eater, he ate EVERYTHING! I felt like a proud mum. The above dish was the delicious pig jowl!

I would normally say, let's save the best to last, but on this menu the best was second last... I present the incredible... Guava Snow Egg, you might remember her from show's such as MasterChef...The tasting menu had us eating not one but TWO desserts, now that's how I like to end my night!

We ended up being the last people in the restaurant, it was 12.30am... all 8 courses took 4 hours... I have had degustation dinners before but this was the most indulgent meal I have every experienced... 

All in all it was an amazing night.

What is you most indulgent experience?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Graduate

So this week was a great week! I graduated again! So, you think I'm crazy? Yes, yes I am! The first time I graduated, was nice but I felt the people around me weren't too excited, mainly because they had no idea what the degree meant or what I could do for work. I worked for a few years, then met Mr TMF and had a crazy thought, I wanted to change professions... No one in my family supported me (remember I said I was indecisive?) Mr TMF was the only person that got on my side (not even my friends bought it) . So the degree was full time, which meant I had to quit my job and find crappy one and study! I did it!! There were times I thought there was no light, but Mr TMF showed me it and was the most amazing friend, partner and family member, he's my rock! Any ways enough sap, it was a tough few years but I got through it! So this time it felt so good to Graduate, my dad and brother where there and they were so proud, probably because they understood what this degree meant!

So have you gone back to retrain??

Oh I ended up going to a make up trial, on my graduation. It was ok, I didn't feel wow! (that annoying word)

You can't see very well in the pics because I use my iPhone. I'm going for another trial with some one else, how do I get out of this other place? Or do I just go with her and hope she makes the changes??

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comeback Kid

I feel like I've had more 'come backs' than Madonna... I keep on falling off the radar and then I say I'm back to stay... then I go. But I really truly hope this is my final comeback (we'll see).

Wedding planning has been going swimmingly, the diet not so much (I won't dwell on that one). I think I have everything under control, the invites are being pressed, photographer, videographer, hair, flowers are all sorted!  Oh and I have my dress! The craziness that surrounded that dress makes laugh, how we get caught up on one dress is so funny - I know it's probably the most important dress I will ever wear but, the hours I spent annoying my MOH (thanks Laws) could have been 1/16th if there wasn't SO much pressure! It took me 5 months to find "the dress"... I knew what I wanted and I just couldn't find it. Sticking to my guns paid off. Hrmm 'paid' isn't the best word  to use as it wasn't the cheapest dress...

Speaking of money, brides-to-be, make sure you look into buying your dress from the designers country of origin, this was one of my options, but I didn't have the opportunity to try on the dress prior to buying. The cost with shipping, taxes and import taxes would have come in $1,500 cheaper then a dress available in Australia - I want to say 'can you believe it?!' but, I kind of can.

I won't show you the dress but here is a little swatch of the fabric!

Yeah, I don't think that photo gives it justice, it's the most amazing French Chantilly lace.

So how long did it take you to find our dress??

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Evil iPad

I just motivated myself to do a blog entry, I typed the whole thing on my iPad... I clicked save and went to upload pics... Then ... I came back to a white screen ... Wahh... I'm sure the second version will be better ;)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

hanging on the edge

So all these websites and magazines tell us how to make our weddings look amazing, but they never tell us just how muc it will cost. Being the first of many friends to get married I don't really have much to go off, prices go up every year so it's hard to get a good idea. So you can imagine my confused face when a recent quote came through for my flowers... I stared at the screen and asked; how much do they normally cost? Is this a good price? So I sent the quote to Mr TMF, which is invalid, he thinks anything that costs under $10,000 is "cheap"... Any brides or recently married girls that can shed some light? Anyways enough of the blabber, I have decided I really want a floral chandelier to sit over our bridal table. We're not doing the long table, but a rectangular one that sits in the middle of the venue. I first fell in love with the floral chandelier when I saw them at Donna Hay Magazine's 10th Birthday bash... The pic I have is terrible so, here are a few I have looked at for inspiration...
I like the all while feel of this one, not sure about how low it sits, it would stop you from seeing the people sitting across from you.
Splash! I love the colour in this but I dont like that it doesn't have much length on it.
Similar to the first one, but how amazing would this be on a high ceiling venue? Unfortunately the ceiling on ours is a little too low for this dramatic effect.
I really love this one, I love the use of ribbons and the colourful flowers... I suppose I could get a mixture of all of them to create my own design, I wouldn't want too much happening on the bridal table as I want the central focus on the chandelier... So, what's you wedding statement?