Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Evil iPad

I just motivated myself to do a blog entry, I typed the whole thing on my iPad... I clicked save and went to upload pics... Then ... I came back to a white screen ... Wahh... I'm sure the second version will be better ;)

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NeverEverEmma said...

Hello - I'm Emma from Another Ring Coming but blogger won't let me comment using OpenId. It is a problem with all blogger blogs, not just yours. I thought I would suggest that you allow comments with Name and URL, not just Blogger or OpenId - there may be other people frustrated at not being able to comment!

And here is my comment:
I hear you on the ridiculously $$$ wedding flower quotes. I was quoted $2000 for mine, and I was so shocked! I ended up doing my own by going to the flower markets on the Friday morning, my mum, bridesmaid and I making them until about lunchtime on Friday, and having a friend drive them to the venue on Saturday morning.

It cost me $500, and that was with a trial day too.

Those chandeliers are amazeballs. I don't think I would have attempted one of those on my own!

Phew! Sorry for the essay!