Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Graduate

So this week was a great week! I graduated again! So, you think I'm crazy? Yes, yes I am! The first time I graduated, was nice but I felt the people around me weren't too excited, mainly because they had no idea what the degree meant or what I could do for work. I worked for a few years, then met Mr TMF and had a crazy thought, I wanted to change professions... No one in my family supported me (remember I said I was indecisive?) Mr TMF was the only person that got on my side (not even my friends bought it) . So the degree was full time, which meant I had to quit my job and find crappy one and study! I did it!! There were times I thought there was no light, but Mr TMF showed me it and was the most amazing friend, partner and family member, he's my rock! Any ways enough sap, it was a tough few years but I got through it! So this time it felt so good to Graduate, my dad and brother where there and they were so proud, probably because they understood what this degree meant!

So have you gone back to retrain??

Oh I ended up going to a make up trial, on my graduation. It was ok, I didn't feel wow! (that annoying word)

You can't see very well in the pics because I use my iPhone. I'm going for another trial with some one else, how do I get out of this other place? Or do I just go with her and hope she makes the changes??


Babybluez said...

Congratulations!! I think you look very pretty with the make up on, but yes if you're not feeling it... have another trial! xx

Another Emma said...

Well done! I think that I would love going back to uni to study something. Some of us are just not meant for one path only!

Re: makeup trial, I had a hair and makeup trial that I really wasn't happy with. My hair looked like a birds nest.

I waited until I found someone I was happy with, and then I emailed the earlier lady and said that I had had an old school friend offer to do it for me. It was half a lie... it was an old school friend, but I approached her and paid fully for the service. I chickened out a little bit I suppose.

Good luck! And don't settle for someone you aren't happy with.

TicklesMeFancy said...

Thanks babybluez (but I didn't feel it)
Emma, agree! I'm a FOMO so there's always something I want to do. Re makeup: that is exactly what I was going to do... yikes!