Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I like most brides spent hours looking for my dress, I spent a fair bit of money purchasing "the dress" so when I say "I think I want to change into something else when we leave the reception" Mr TMF's jaw hits the floor.

What are your thoughts on changing dresses? I love the idea, my mum did it, all my aunties did it and I just think it's time to bring back the 70s/80s tradition. I have seen a lot of costume changes happening on various wedding blogs and it looks great. But, then a domino of issues arise... I have this amazing dress, that I will only wear ONCE (let's not mention the cost per wear) and there's only one time I'll be a bride so why not embrace it and keep the same dress on?

So I ignored my concerns and went researching for outfits here's some I love.
Cameo, from Johanna Johnson

Eliza, from Johanna Johnson

Ginger, from Johanna Johnson

But my favourite has to be this Elizabeth Filmore number
Isn't she perfect? Her name is Belle! I love the headdress too!

So, what are you thoughts? To change or not to change, that is the question!

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Babybluez said...

i looovee the final dress and when you say leave the reception do you mean to go to an after party or something?