Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time goes by

And we are two months away from the big day! Where did the time go? I actually don't even know what's been happening. The wedding has been under control - I think. Is it just me or is the only thing that is stressful about weddings are family? I've planned 1000s of events so this is just another, but my family (i.e. DAD) has never been involved in those, hence why they all go ahead smoothly... I mean, I know they (he) are (is) excited and the European in them (him) is worried that people will be upset if they aren't invited or if my fancy food will make them leave hungry. I can't even type without shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Other than that, all is well.

In terms of events, I dyed my hair brown to get ready for the wedding. I had expensive re-growth (balayage) previously and thought I should try go al'natural. People keep telling me it "suits me", um duh it's my natural colour...

I had my last birthday before I get married, the last birthday as Miss V... (ah changing my name - that's a topic for another blog post) We celebrated with my bestest friends and a magnum of Moet, delicious!

After hours of drinking we re-fuelled and had some pizza. The wedding diet is going swimmingly. (I'm starting body trim next week - does anyone have any feedback?) I'm feeling the pressure, people keep saying "you can't have that, you're getting married"...  I didn't realise everyone sees themselves as walking nutritionists these days.

The day after my birthday I was surprised with a lovely bunch of flowers from my client - made my hungover Monday all that more enjoyable.

And back to the daily grind I go. Until yesterday when none other than the ice-cream man with his ice-cream truck came around the corner. I heard it from my desk and was running around like a dog trying to catch my tail... I haven't heard or seen one in years. I came back to my desk with a delicious cone. Wedding diet still going amazingly.

My final dress measurements have been sent off (before the ice-cream) and I tried my dress on with my shoes and jewellery. I still love it -thankfully. I say "thankfully" because I have been having doubts about some of the decisions I made for the wedding early on in the piece, including some vendors... . Has this happened to any other brides? Or am I just an over thinker? The only thing stopping me from cancelling things is the 1000s of dollars in deposits...


Little black sheep said...

Haha my wedding diet is pretty non existent apart from the regular lite and easy. was supposed to go to the gym but that hadn't happened either. I fit perfectly now in my dress so I'm not going to change a thing. I still eat bad things but that's normal as we are still humans, not super brides.
I have had doubts bout some of my vendors, we only changed one so far cause he made me feel uncomfortable, so its perfectly normal to feel that way, but stick to your choices unless one drives you mad as its a waste of time and money. Good luck.

Babybluez said...

hahahaha I loved this post, your whole tone through it reminded me of myself!

I have made a lot of decisions already for my november 2013 wedding and i'm sure I'll over think them (I always do) but hopefully it means i'll have it under control by your time out too!

As for the wedding diet, of course you don't need one, you have a gorgeous figure! I am trying to cut mine down now, because I know immediately prior to the wedding hamburgers and chocolates will be the only way to cure my stress hahaha.

TicklesMeFancy said...

I was on lite n' easy but by Saturday I have 4 nights worth of dinners in the freezer haha!
I am starting body trim on Monday - wish me luck!!

BB, don't decide too much too soon... I thought i was organised but now I am revisiting everything!!
So annoying