Monday, January 31, 2011

get hooked...

I may be indecisive, but I am certain about a few things; 1. having to pay tax and 2. how much I love my wine. So what better way to spend the weekend then driving around 'wine country'... the stunning Hunter Valley in NSW (which is about 120km north of Sydney).

The hunter is gorgeous especially in summer, with about 11,000 acres of lush green vineyards it is truly breath taking. I have been to a few wine regions in Australia and yes the wine is amazing, but there is something about the Hunter Valley that makes you go WOW every time. For me it’s the 110 (plus) cellar doors to choose from and the amazing regional produce on offer.

Wine rack @ Capercaillie Wine Company (nice and full)

This was my fifth (over the past two years) visit to the Hunter and every trip I make the effort to try new wineries (which we’re slowly getting through) but I always seem gravitate to my favourites. I’m so Hooked on David Hook, his wines are out of this world, I could have a dozen of each… he just never disappoints. My number one pick (if I have to) is his Hunter Pinot Grigio, it has a yummy sweet melon/tangerine flavour and a splash of spice which goes down really well on a hot summers day! I could spend all my money there (which I am sure he would love). Another fave is Audrey Wilkinson, the cellar door and vineyard perched on a hill that looks over the Hunter, the view is almost as good as their limited release moscato. It’s a delicate frizzante wine with floral notes and a hint of Turkish delight – basically dessert in a glass! Here are a few pics…

David Hook barrells

THE Pinot Grigio

Playing shadows @ David Hook cellar door

The adorable Peppers Creek Chapel

Audrey Wilkinson
View from Audrey Wilkinson's cellar door

Anyways, we were in the Hunter for a reason this time (not that you need a reason), Mr TMF had bought us tickets to Day on the Green which had INXS headlining. It was such a gorgeous day, sitting in the sun listening to music sipping on a glass of white and eventually watching the sunset over the valley – bliss! JD Fortune (INXS lead singer) was back for the first time in a few years (he was in rehab), most INXS fans weren’t impressed with him as they still compare him to the original (and irreplaceable) lead singer, Michael Hutchence (who committed suicide in 1997). I thought INXS were good, I have never been a lover (or a hater) but they were entertaining.


Do you think bands can go on when their lead singer passes or leaves? Think ACDC, Queen…

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