Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comeback Kid

I feel like I've had more 'come backs' than Madonna... I keep on falling off the radar and then I say I'm back to stay... then I go. But I really truly hope this is my final comeback (we'll see).

Wedding planning has been going swimmingly, the diet not so much (I won't dwell on that one). I think I have everything under control, the invites are being pressed, photographer, videographer, hair, flowers are all sorted!  Oh and I have my dress! The craziness that surrounded that dress makes laugh, how we get caught up on one dress is so funny - I know it's probably the most important dress I will ever wear but, the hours I spent annoying my MOH (thanks Laws) could have been 1/16th if there wasn't SO much pressure! It took me 5 months to find "the dress"... I knew what I wanted and I just couldn't find it. Sticking to my guns paid off. Hrmm 'paid' isn't the best word  to use as it wasn't the cheapest dress...

Speaking of money, brides-to-be, make sure you look into buying your dress from the designers country of origin, this was one of my options, but I didn't have the opportunity to try on the dress prior to buying. The cost with shipping, taxes and import taxes would have come in $1,500 cheaper then a dress available in Australia - I want to say 'can you believe it?!' but, I kind of can.

I won't show you the dress but here is a little swatch of the fabric!

Yeah, I don't think that photo gives it justice, it's the most amazing French Chantilly lace.

So how long did it take you to find our dress??


Babybluez said...

the lace looks very pretty and i'm glad your patience paid off! I don't think i'll post my dress when I find it either... hehehe

Veronica said...

Oooo cant wait to see the dress on you! The lace looks gorgeous even in the little photo you took. What colour is it?

It only took me 3 weeks to find my dress. I had something totally different in mind to what I ended up with...I wanted the tight on the body fit with the fishtail bottom style, but I said I will try on most styles to see what suits me. and I ended up getting the total opposite (more princess style) and I loved it soo much!

By the way, thank you for your lovely comment =D If you want to get that Review dress for your graduation, its still on sale at Myer and Review stores. I only bought it last week.


TicklesMeFancy said...

Hi Girls, I do hav a pic in my dress but I want to keep something as a surprise! :)
It's ivory lace, with a champagne colored slip underneath, which makes the lace pop'.